For those families who are moving as part of the rebasing programme we are planning to provide regular updates throughout the summer months. 

Our aim is to keep families updated on allocations activity and to provide useful information for those families moving back from overseas who have never used our housing service before. For starters please visit our link to the latest Army information on the rebasing programme.

Army Basing Programme Special Families Movements Edition May 15

A series of short films are available that cover the end to end process of moving from Germany to the UK under the Army Basing Programme which aims to support Service personnel, civilians and their families during their move. The films cover everything from applying for SFA and packing up belongings, to leaving Germany. There are also useful tips on where to find more information. Army Movement Guide


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Rebasing 25th August 2015

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Rebasing 10th August 2015

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Rebasing 24th July 2015

2 July 2015
Rebasing 02nd July 2015

  Rebasing Programme