JPA Information

CAAS and JPA Communication

During period 7 March to 31 March inclusive there will be a freeze on all JPA accommodation actions which will allow for the bulk transfer of data from the 4 Tier Grading system (4TG) to the new Combined Accommodation Charging System (CAAS).

For the UK:

Carillion Amey will maintain manual records for the UK.

For Overseas:

The overseas commands (and those UK units who administer SP overseas) are to ensure they also adhere to this period of inactivity on JPA, maintaining manual (offline) records in accordance with local procedure.

Following the end of the freeze period, all manual records for both UK and overseas should be retrospectively uploaded onto JPA between 1 April to 14 April which will ensure that the JPA changes required for CAAS are not overwritten after they have been loaded centrally by DBS.

To note:

This freeze to JPA is only applicable to Service Family Accommodation.

In some cases this may mean the correct charging on "move out/move in" will not be reflected in the March pay run and pay statement; the retrospective actions post freeze should be completed ahead of the April pay run to minimise delay to the correct charges being applied. Staff are to ensure that the JPA actions are carried out in strict date order

Contacts: Unit NEM Champions - details available from your chain of command;