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Moving Out

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The Walkaway Scheme - available from 1st May 2015

  • Click here for: The Walk Away Scheme  (Please Note - this service is not available to occupants living in SSFA, PFI or Bulk Lease Hire properties).
  • Click here for: Walk Away Scheme Schedule of Rates  (Please Note - this service is not available to occupants living in SSFA, PFI or Bulk Lease Hire properties)
  • Basic Cover - What does this include?
    All walls, ceilings, light fittings, skirting boards, cupboards (inside and out), all counter tops and all wood and vinyl floors will be washed.  Windows will be cleaned inside and out and will include all crevices when they are opened. Radiators will be dusted. Any mould spots on kitchens and bathroom suites will be cleaned. Open fires will be cleaned as long as any combustible material has been removed. Wheelie bins and all outbuildings will be cleaned.


  • In Occupancy' Furniture Request Form

    Click here for: In Occupancy Furniture Request Form

    Please make sure you complete all the fields in orange. If you leave any of the fields blank the form will be returned to you and this may slow the process down. Ensure that all contact telephone numbers are non military, daytime numbers to allow the furniture provider to discuss and confirm requests with you. If you want to have furniture collected and delivered at the same time, please use 2 forms, one for collection, one for delivery and attach both to a single email explaining your requirements. Once the form is completed please send to:


Moving Out


Notification of Proxy
If the Service Licensee is unable to attend the Move In or Move Out appointment in person, you can nominate a Service proxy or your spouse to act on your behalf. It is essential that you complete the Notification of Proxy form.

Click here for: Notification of Proxy

Move Out Standard Tick Sheet
This booklet details the Move Out standard required of your SFA ensuring that you know exactly what is required from you to get your property to the agreed standard. At the back of the booklet you can find details of the Walk Away scheme and the Schedule of Rates detailing the costs that you can pay if you want to simply walk away from the property, allowing our CA services to undertake the cleaning.

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