Customer Compliments

Customer Compliments

I wanted to say thanks to Sue for the speed in which she resolved my housing issue. It has been a very stressful time but what you have done for us has relieved a lot of the pressure.

Thank you Kayleigh for all your help. It really can be stressful moving your family at short notice but your support was really helpful.

Tony repaired my fence today and he worked hard to ensure a good job was completed.

Please pass on my thanks to Daniel for all his help in getting my housing issue resolved so quickly.

I am very happy with the work carried out by Craig. He was professional and a credit to CarillionAmey.

Chelsey, at occupancy services, was amazing! Well done.

Gary was very helpful and efficient when he carried out the work at my home today.

Thank you so much Laura at Facebook. I am truly grateful for your understanding and help. Your company are lucky to have you.

Thank you to Jane and her team at occupancy services for all the help you give to my department.

Thank you Elliot for the work you did this morning. Nothing was too much trouble.

Stephen is extremely helpful, accommodating, professional and efficient.

Simon (community support officer) would like to raise a compliment for Steve and Tina , for all their help with moving a family into a property when they missed their march out date after coming from Germany. The family are very grateful for all their hard work getting them into property so soon.

Mr King wanted to personally thank Narelle for all her help with his move. He said the service she provided was outstanding.

Mrs Archer wants to raise a compliment for Sophie. She said she was extremely helpful, very polite and a credit to CarillionAmey.

Mrs Jack wanted to raise a compliment for Adrian who carried out a fencing job on her property. She said he was very polite, professional, efficient and a credit to AB Price Fencing.

A big thank you to Lucy at occupancy services, for the help she has given me with regards to my housing application. She is a very special person. 

Ian, who works at Larkhill, is great! He went out of his way to explain to all the occupants what the current works would mean to them.

Daniel, thank you for sorting out my SFA in Bulford, the extra mile you went was really appreciated.

Compliment from Welfare Officer "Alison does a sterling job at Pirbright."

Mike, engineer, stopped a leak at my property - I can't thank him enough.

Thank you, Hannah, for your efforts on behalf of my family. I expect many are quick to complain but I have received excellent support.

I want to thank Jessica at occupancy services for her help. We will shortly be moving back to the UK from Turkey and her sensible, pragmatic attitude and willingness to listen to my requirements has made the housing allocation process far more straightforward than it could have been.

Thank you for your support in delivering a positive outcome for the Captain's housing issue. Lindsay at CA was a great help.

I received excellent service today from Zoe. She was highly professional and her approach has eally helped my family and I as we integrate into Army life.

It's a pleasure to deal with Sally as she always responds to emails, returns calls as promised and is very proactive.

The engineer who attended my property was extremely friendly, yet completely professional and completed the work quickly.

Ben at CarillionAmey has been so helpful.

James was very polite and went above and beyond to help me.

Thank you to Susan at occupancy services for her support. You have been outstanding.

Jenny at the local CarillionAmey office was very helpful. I really appreciated the face to face rapport.

Lindsay at the Helpdesk has been a great help - thank you!

Josie at the Helpdesk is a credit to CarillionAmey. She is polite, helpful and friendly.

Andrew the joiner, changed my locks today and was polite, helpful and very professional.

James of GBE went beyond the call of duty when carrying out my gas inspection.

Tony went above and beyond to clear the blockage for me today.

The engineers were fantastic! Realy friendly.

The team who look after Northolt, Uxbridge and Kingston are really switched on and helpful. Well done to all.

Thank you Carol at occupancy services for your swift response in dealing with my case. You have been effectively efficient
which is great.

Thank you Jennifer at occupancy services. You have been a start throughout this stressful short notice move.

Danny at the Helpdesk was extremely helpful, professional and efficient.

I would like to say a big thank you to CA for sorting out the swing seats at our local play park. It has made a big difference.

To Carla, please accept this bunch of flowers. Thank you for all you do.
Thank Ged for sorting our my property in 48 hours! He was very helpful and efficient.
Danny at customer services, was very helpful, professional and efficient in getting my query sorted.
Matt was very polite and informative when he arrived at my property to carry out work.
Many thanks for Abbey's support during my difficult period. The works were completed much quicker than anticipated.
Lindsey at occupancy services, is always happy, cheery and willing to help.
Today I spoke to Lee at the Helpdesk who was amazingly helpful. He deserves a big pat on the back.
Roy, my Accommodation Officer, has been so helpful with my Move Out. Anytime we had an issue with the property he came right over.
I've been really impressed with Julie at occupancy services. I'm really grateful for all her effort.
Anthony at the Helpdesk, made a massive difference enabling us me to sort out our new home with enough time to get the children settled before the start of the school term.
The welfare team at Bulford thanked Daniel at the Helpdesk for his help with housing matters on site.
Kieron the plumber worked until 9.00pm to get my water turned back on.  I would like to recommend him to his work and commitment.
The engineer who visited today was brilliant. He was also great with my dog.
I'm grateful to Paula at the Helpdesk for arranging to get my chimney swept. I'm very happy and grateful to her.
Compliment for Carol at the Helpdesk who was very efficient and helped me with my issue.
Thank you to the engineer who fixed my leak. I'm so very grateful.
Abby at the Helpdesk was a very helpful young lady. She did everything she could to help me and called me back when she said she would. She's an asset to CarillionAmey.
A compliment for Lucy for being very helpful and efficient with my call today. I really appreciated all her help.
Nar went above and beyond showing politeness, diligence and commitment to his work.
Thank you Jess, for the amazingly swift turn around! You are clearly the leading light of your department. All four of us are grateful for your professionalism and efficiency.
Marcus has been forward leaning, hands-on, approachable and manages to get results. He is thoroughly professional and also very knowledgeable. It appears he genuinely cares about the customers and sees it as a personal crusade to ensure the best service is provided with the limited resources he has available.
Lindsey and Daniel were both extremely helpful, professional and efficient in getting my issue resolved.
Despite not arriving until after 5pm to replace the kitchen cupboard, Kieron completed the job with minimum fuss, and cleaned up after the job was complete. This was appreciated very much - especially given that the job was not completed until 8pm.
David's patience and professionalism has made the stressful event of moving into our first married quarter all that much easier, taking time out of his busy day to offer his support and knowledge help us to accomplish the best possible outcome.
I'd like to compliment Patrick on the way he handled my recent move in.
Carla received a bunch of flowers from the Bicester and Germany Welfare Team with a note saying ' To Carla, Thank you for all you do for us'
Laura was very polite and calming and helped her out and went above and beyond her job role.
I'd like to raise a compliment for the gardener who maintains the communal area in William Gardens. His name is Chris and he very lovely and honest and is very good at his job.
So often when applying for housing and SFA it is possible to feel like just another number and when you have special circumstances surrounding your case.  I have moved house a number times so hopefully I have some qualification as a customer when I say that dealing with Rachel was a pleasure. She was proactive and listened to my concerns, she explained the process well and really helped us along during the application process for which I am very grateful.  She at least in part was responsible for averting a significant compassionate issue for which I am very grateful on behalf of my family and my present employer.
I am writing to formally express my gratitude to Hannah who dealt with our housing application. It has been extremely efficient, transparent and simple.
Customer would like to compliment Neil (HBM) for his communication which was outstanding. He was helpful, professional and efficient.
I would like to single out Hannah for recognition as she has always been very polite and today she has gone that extra mile in order to put my wife and family at ease.
I would like to put a compliment for Gavin and Andy from ISS. They have both been very professional and hardworking and very efficient. They are a credit to CarillionAmey.
Another heroine has appeared in the form of Hannah at CarillionAmey's Occupancy Services Team. She treated me as a person and between us we came up with an appropriate solution. It I appreciated Hannah's management of the whole situation more that I can express in this e-mail and she is another person who deserves recognition.
Please thank the customer care team, especially Gareth. The service was very quick.
I am very happy with the work carried out on my gutters and the way my issue was dealt with by the Helpdesk.
I'd like to thank Keith, the engineer who visited my home. He went above and beyond by completing the job and staying on long after 5.00pm. I'm very grateful.
Please thank George, Toni and Denise from CarillionAmey. George gave me confidence that the work would be done correctly, Toni organised all the appointments and Denise managed my issue. Well done to you all.
Lindsey, from customer care, is very professional and covered every area of my request. She took matters very seriously.
If Carlsberg did customer service…. Many thanks for your rapid resolution of my issue, I really appreciate the help.
Please thank Hannah at occupancy services. She is fabulous and provides correct information
I'd like to thank the Helpdesk and also the gardeners who attended my property.

Jessica, we would be delighted to accept the SFA. Thank you for an amazing turnaround, you are the leading light of your department. All four of us and grateful for your professionalism and efficiency.

Thank you Danielle, for your help with not only this property but the others that you have helped me with. You are making a real difference to my soldiers and their families lives, so thank you.
I will formally write to your company soon, however in the meantime there's a nice box of chocolates on their way to you.

Thank you to Laura, social media manager. What you do is fantastic and worth appreciation.

Please pass on my thanks to CarillionAmey for my recent handover (march out). All went well and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Credit where credit is due. CarillionAmey often get bad press and as a Service Person living in SFA it has been challenging. However, I have had two house moves in 18 months and both times I have dealt with Matt in Speke and he has been fantastic. Extremely helpful, communicates well and manages expectation

Mark, the engineer who visited my property, was very professional. I'm really pleased with his actions on and he got me out of a tight spot by working very quickly.

Lindsey, in your customer care team, was absolutely amazing. She's always calm and just brilliant. Lindsey should get a promotion or pay rise!

I'd like to thank Rachel for all her help in finding another quarter for me. She has been fantastic.

David, at occupancy services, has provided an exemplary standard of service for which I'm extremely grateful.

Thank you Jenny, at occupancy services, for helping me find the property that was right for us.

Please pass on my thanks to Rachel and Stephen. I know they have worked very hard on helping me sort out my issue.

Abbey, at the Helpdesk, has been nothing but courteous and helpful in trying to resolve my issue.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Daniel, at the Helpdesk.

 I can't tell you how grateful we are for the support of Danielle from occupancy services.

Please thank Marlene for her help when I called in about the fire alarm. Excellent work, very professional, efficient and reassuring.

Cameron, from the customer care team, goes out of his way to resolve complaints. He is quick to respond to emails, always answers the phone and is always pleasant and helpful. Thanks Cameron!

Jenni, at the Helpdesk, has been absolutely brilliant. I can't praise her enough.

Please thank Paul, the engineer, who attended my property last week. He was brilliant, helpful, friendly and turned up on time. A real asset to CarillionAmey.

I'd like to extend this compliment to Stephen, CarillionAmey engineer, for being a generally nice bloke who was considerate enough to keep the noise down while he was working so as not to disturb my baby. I am very pleased.

I wanted to pass on a big thank you to Lisa for all her help with getting my pet request through so smoothly and efficiently.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lucy at occupancy services for her very interactive and proactive work in securing me a quarter for my family to move into.  She deserves to know she is appreciated and is a perfect ambassador for your company.

I spoke to Lucy at occupancy services when I had trouble filling in some forms. She was very helpful.

Please thank the plumber who attending my property on Friday. He was very professional.

Compliment from WO - Dean and Paul at the Helpdesk are consummate professionals in the work they do, can be utterly relied upon and deliver first class support to me and the Brigade. I speak to them regularly and it genuinely feels like we are working collaboratively to achieve the same goals.

I would like to thank Rachel for all her help in finding another quarter for me, she has been fantastic.

David has been extremely helpful. Well done David!

I dealt with a gentleman called Chris on the South West Helpdesk this morning and wanted to let someone know that the service he provided was outstanding. He had an excellent manner and explained the housing application process to me clearly and concisely. When fielding my questions he was patient and understanding of my situation and left me feeling like a valued customer. Thank you very much.

Dean at the Helpdesk has made my year! He's a legend - well done Dean!

Jenni at the Helpdesk is always so helpful - thank you Jenni!

Thank you to Hannah and Terry for helping me with my application. I can't thank them enough. Please make them aware how much my family has benefitted from their support.

Thank you for all your help, it's really appreciated.

A massive thank you to CA for finding me a property. I am very happy with it.

Please compliment Hannah and everyone I have spoken to regarding my application. Everyone has been brilliant and have exceeded my expectations. They've made the whole process easier for me as I'm currently in Kenya with limited access to DII.

I wanted to tell you how helpful and supportive Christopher has been in arranging my married quarters accommodation.

Thank you Helen for being exceedingly helpful with my accommodation request.

Hannah and Dean at Occupancy Services, both have a 'can do' attitude. They helped make my move so comfortable and helped me find the right property that all the family are happy with.

I woud like to extend my appreciation to Amy and Garry for a fantastic and brilliant service.

I'd like to raise a compliment for Danny at Occupancy Services for guiding me through the allocations process. He went above and beyond his role.

I'd like to extend my appreciation to the engineer, Mark, for not just fixing the simple fault at my house but for being an extremely helpful and friendly person. He answered all my questions and was an all round nice guy.

Brenda at Occupancy Services is always so helpful and always returns calls as promised.

Thank you Simeon at the Helpdesk . You were absolutely fantastic!

Please thank Rebecca and Kristy at the Helpdesk for all their help.

I'd like to thank Roy, my Accommodation Officer, for being flexible. He was really helpful and is a real asset to CarillionAmey.

The operative who attended my property today was brilliant, very efficient and polite.

I'd like to thank John, Customer Care Manager, for all his efforts in helping to get everything sorted with my property. He has been really helpful and made things a lot easier.

Thank you David, at Occupancy Services, for being so helpful, polite and professional. David helped me with my application for my new property and I'd like him to be recognised for his efforts.

CarillionAmey have been nothing but courteous and helpful with the issue I was experiencing.

I'd like to thank Alison, my Accommodation Officer, as she was really helpful during my Move In.

I'd like to raise a compliment for Simon, the engineer, for doing a good job and being very helpful.

I would like to pass on my thanks to Georgina at the Helpdesk for all the help and support she provides to us.

I'd like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Accommodation Officer, Robin, who helped me Move In today. I'm delighted with the help and the smoothness of the move, especially as I was running late. I thought Robin was very accommodating.

The gas engineer turn up for my appointment on time, was very polite, diagnosed the problem straight away and repaired it. He also cleaned up after himself. He's a credit to CarillionAmey.

Please raise a compliment for Andy who looks after grounds maintenance.

I am very impressed with your actions and that of CarillionAmey as a whole. A huge thank you to all those involved. Many thanks John at customer care for his assistance.

Please thank Daniel for being conscientious and helpful with the allocation of my property.

Marlene at the Helpdesk has been helpful and I'm happy with her service.

I would like to compliment James for a job well done. He's been very helpful, is a an overall nice guy and is a credit to CarillionAmey.

Please thank Anthony (engineer) for his help: He was polite, calm, professional, tidy and efficient. He put a sheet on the floor so my carpet didn't get dirty. I couldn't have asked for a better service.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team for the level of work carried out and the professionalism shown by your staff. From my first encounter, they have been polite and well-mannered, thus ensuring a good rapport with myself, but more importantly with the occupants of the housing where they were working. Here is some feedback from the families:

"A positive note for you regarding the road works.  The workmen have been very receptive of access requirements even when it interrupted their progress. They have been polite and friendly. They appear to be working quite a long day in order to complete the resurfacing in a timely manner.  So, from a married patch perspective (I am not the only one), we are very happy!" 

"Good to have roads without potholes and pavements without trip hazards; the guys were a credit to their company and made sure that the inconveniences were small ones". 

"Thank goodness, a project where the company has an understanding of the irritations the improvement work can cause, together with the good nature to address them immediately. My children were amazed by the machinery and the fact that the guys took the time to try and explain what each one did". 

Thank you (and on my behalf thank your team) for your hard work and guidance in helping the troops settle into their new barracks. The works in the Officers' and Sgts' Mess is another example of where CarillionAmey in particular has made a lasting impression; making the Mess's a welcoming place to both work and relax. 

CarillionAmey's new customer service centre advisor, has done a fantastic job since taking up the post and is very responsive to customers.

There's an excellent working relationship with the Accommodation Officer. It's improved dramatically since CarillionAmey took over the contract.

Several of our occupants have received prompt responses to their applications for betterment moves and are pleased with the SFA offered.

Major (Housing) - We live in a world where everyone just wants to complain and not pass comment on the positives, this is particularly the case when dealing with CarillionAmey, however I would like to pass on my thanks to them. Last week I booked in four jobs to be carried out on my SFA, time is always a restriction so I asked if they could all be done in the same afternoon, the operator arranged all of this and then subsequently called me back to confirm the booking had been made. A small error meant one of the tradesman turned up early, however again a phone call was made and this was very quickly resolved and re-booked for the correct day, I was called back by the operator to confirm. On the afternoon of the bookings, all tradesmen arrived early and were extremely professional, rectifying all problems and educating me in the process, I am very grateful for this. Please pass on my thanks to CarillionAmey, my experience with them has been very good.

Lieutenant  Colonel (Housing) - The success of the 2015 unit moves, the largest movement of Service families in a generation, would not have been achieved without the dedicated work of CarillionAmey staff.

WO2 (Housing) - It has been a real pleasure to work with such dedicated CarillionAmey people, from Occupancy Services working so well with military units, meeting the timelines and, wherever possible, the aspirations of the families to the delivery team on camp.

Lieutenant Colonel (Housing) - As a Battalion we haven't conducted a major unit move for some considerable time and there is a lot of uncertainty among our families on various patches. This brief will have put a lot of minds at ease and informed our people to a thorough degree of what needs to be done to prepare ourselves best possible for this move. It is greatly appreciated.

Housemaster (Military Infrastructure) - As housemaster it was very handy to be involved in the planning of the project. I feel that this has helped enormously in delivering such a good result.

Senior Naval Officer (Military Infrastructure) - This project has and continues to offer a fantastic level of support to the crew since they arrived in here in 2012. The accommodation is both modern and practical, and more importantly offers a real sense of home comforts for our sailors who are looking forward to moving in and being in one location so that we are all of one company.

SCSO, CSF (Housing) - Everyone involved in the project has been fantastic, professional and shows what can be done to support units such as ours. Working closely with the CarillionAmey team here is a pleasure and a prime example of what can and should be done.

Squadron Leader (Military Infrastructure) - I am very pleased that, as a CarillionAmey employee, you have been recognised for your outstanding service over your current tenure - and long may this continue!

Station Commander Group Captain (Military Infrastructure) - It is clear that CarillionAmey has fully adopted the concept of air safety. Not only was the incident promptly reported, but they took responsibility and intervened in the interest of air safety, possibly preventing a more serious incident from occurring

Lieutenant Colonel Garrison Support (Deputy Commandment)(Military Infrastructure)- The enormous amount of hard work done by the CarillionAmey project team has been borne out by the transformation of the soldiers SFA.

Families Liaison Officer (Housing) - CarillionAmey have been outstanding since taking over and it is a fact that the service they are currently providing has surpassed anything that has gone before.

Flight Sergeant Explosives Representative (Military Infrastructure)- I would like to thank the CarillionAmey team for their support in leading the Explosives Safety Inspection. To be awarded the highest grade is quite an achievement.

Lieutenant Colonel Station Commander (Housing)- I would like to thank the team for the installation of the play park. It has been really well built and has been a great result.

Lieutenant Colonel (Housing)- This play park project is a great example of how excellent collaboration between the unit, local council, DIO, CarillionAmey and their contractors has benefited service families.

Colonel RE, Commanding Officer (Housing) - I just wanted you to know that my Accommodation Officer has been an absolute star in the moving process and has made it as simple and painless as it could have been.  He provided outstanding advice to me and subsequently kept me right during the final few days leading to eventual handover, which included two visits during my move out process to make sure all was well.  What struck me is his dedication to providing a decent handover process, both in and out, for 'his people'.  He feels real ownership of those living in SFA within his patch and has an obvious determination to do the right thing. Of course one could say it is because I am Deputy Commander, but it isn't, because I know of others who have had the same experience. Because I followed his advice, the process was simple and painless for all of us. I suspect people are quick to complain and slow to compliment.  This has been my 13th house move and I am confident it has been the most painless and most efficient of all.

Deputy Commander (Housing)- I would like to highlight the outstanding service provided by one of your CarillionAmey employees. From our introductory phone call a week before the handover, throughout the handover process, and with a follow-up check after I had settled into the house, he was simply brilliant.  As a 'first timer' in CarillionAmey SFA I could not have been provided a better or more reassuring service.  His knowledge of the house and services was great. He very kindly arranged to show me around the house a few days before the formal handover during which he picked up a few very minor issues which he then subsequently addressed before I took over the SFA.  Genuinely, nothing seemed like too much trouble for him.  I certainly took away the distinct impression that the personal engagement and enthusiasm for his job would ensure that he provided exactly the same service for any soldier regardless of rank or appointment.  He really understands 'customer service'. I would be very grateful if you could please, formally, pass on my sincere thanks. In my view, he is an outstanding ambassador for your company.

OC BSS (Military Infrastructure) - Our site manager is excellent and an extremely valuable asset. He has a can do approach to everything. This is most commendable

Flight Sergeant (Military Infrastructure) - As my main POC hasn't changed our relationship remains as positive as it was pre-NGEC. I cannot praise highly enough his co-operation and commitment to ensuring the estate is managed in the best possible manner.

Captain QM (T) (Military Infrastructure) - I have asked around and at the moment we have nothing negative to say. Work services are being actioned in a timely manner and the Helpdesk is on an even keel.

WO2 (Housing) - I have a great working relationship with CarillionAmey, everyone is pro-active and supportive.

WO2 (Housing) - The recent Rebasing Programme was FANTASTIC! All Units were aware of the process and this was passed to the families

WO2 (Housing) - There is regular communication with WOs who are always happy to support any situations, managing expectations along the way.

WO (Housing) - The CarillionAmey staff who provide the repair service to us are a credit to the company, courteous and efficient. 

WO (Housing)- We have a superb working relationship with the local CarillionAmey Area Manager, Senior Accommodation Officer and the Accommodation Officers. Monthly meetings are also convened to discuss significant issues, with DIO representation also being present.

WO (Housing) - We have an excellent working relationship with local CarillionAmey staff.

Flight Sergeant (Housing) - The local CarillionAmey team all carry out their duties with great pride especially the Accommodation Officer who goes above and beyond to support our families. They are a credit to your company.

WO (Housing) - Move In standards have improved.

WO (Housing)- The Allocations Officer who looks after our camp has provided a very efficient and effective service since she took over earlier this year and communicates with me on a regular basis.