Supports apprentices

Supports apprentices

Why CarillionAmey supports apprentices

 Much has been mentioned of the enormous benefit that apprentices bring to organisations. At CarillionAmey, we've seen first-hand these benefits through our own apprentices. While we believe we help support people in their careers, the benefits to our organisation have also been considerable in a number of ways:

By taking on an apprentice you can train them up for a specific role, filling in the skills gaps when current staff move on or retire. Although they may not have actual workplace experience, they can offer a fresh perspective and new ideas which are just as valuable to a growing business.

One of the biggest benefits of taking on an apprentice is that it helps to create a loyal and dedicated workforce, as Tom Birch explained;

"Through working with Carillion plc and CarillionAmey, I completed my electrical apprenticeship seven years ago. What's kept me in the Carillion and Amey workforces is the constant variety of work, the challenges that I need to overcome every day and the support I receive from CarillionAmey or through Carillion plc. This support has enabled me to progress my career, gaining a huge amount of experience along the way".

Tom Birch

If you're eager to work in a fast-paced organisation and are thinking of starting your career as an apprentice or if you'd like to change career direction through an apprenticeship, contact CarillionAmey at