Supply chain

Supply Chain

Supply chain goes central at CarillionAmey

It's often said that small businesses are the backbone of the British economy. The same applies to CarillionAmey where our hundreds of small businesses work hand in hand with us to deliver essential services across our Housing and Regional Prime contracts across the UK. With approx. 1,150 small businesses delivering services as diverse as specialist engineering to grounds maintenance to gas safety certification, managing them all is a complex part of our business. We're very aware we haven't always got things right with the resultant poor experience by families and service personnel.

So what's changed?

We've recruited a new Head of Supply Chain, Adam Heal, who oversees managing all our suppliers across our five Housing and Regional Prime contracts. Adam is driving our supply chain strategy which focuses on supplier efficiency, accountability and delivering value for money.

In the South East, where previously, small suppliers were managed by a larger contractor, we now directly manage these suppliers across two thirds of the contract, holding them accountable for the work they do and the targets they need to meet as part of our improvement plans. At the same time, high performing suppliers will be rewarded with further work. We are also in the process of placing regional procurement managers across the business, ensuring consistency of working practices and better value for money for the DIO in procuring services.

We're making better use of the knowledge and experience of high performing suppliers. A good example is CLC Ltd, who delivers an excellent service in the North and who is now supporting our teams to replicate that success in the South East.

Commenting, Adam Heal, Head of Supply Chain says: "We realise the enormous contribution our hundreds of suppliers bring to our business and at the same time, the pitfalls, if they don't deliver to the standards expected by the DIO and their customers. The major programme of change we've brought into the supply chain will shore up any pockets of poor performance and ensure we're all aligned in delivering the best possible service to service families and personnel".