Settling into your Service Family Accommodation

Settling into your SFA

Settling into your Service Family Accommodation


You've signed the Occupancy form, taken possession of the keys and feel ready to begin getting on with family life in your Service Family Accommodation.

But what happens if you find things that weren't identified at move in and you're worried you might be charged when it's time to move out?

If you used the CarillionAmey move in tick-sheet, available on our website  at you should have been satisfied that your property met all the requirements of the move in standard.

However, it's inevitable that you might come across a few snags once you begin to settle in. These can be things such as stains on carpets, chips in skirting boards or damage to kitchen cupboards. It's important that you make a note of them within 14 days of moving into your home. You can do this by completing the 14 Day Observation Report available on our website under Service Family Accommodation.

Please be aware that this form is not for reporting repairs, if you find your tap is dripping or your window won't open you will need to call our Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 Option 1.

Your Accommodation Officer will be happy to take your form once completed. Alternatively, you can post it to our Occupancy Services team at the address on the bottom of the form. It will be held safely until you are ready to move out, giving you the confidence that when you are ready to move on, you won't be held responsible for these snags.


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