Right first time service

Right first time service

Technical and seasonal helpdesk training ensures a right first time service

CarillionAmey recognises that families need a prompt, 'right first time' approach when they call us to report a fault or a repair in their home. We have not always got this right and our series of seasonal and technical training aims to put this right.

Seasonal training does exactly what it says. It's a series of training modules that address the issues that families may experience during each of the four seasons. Subjects will include a pest awareness module and information about nesting season, in readiness for the summer months, which will give advisors the skills they need to identify and understand the issue by asking the right questions. They'll be able to offer advice on what the customer needs to do and they'll know exactly which professional to send.

It's vital that our helpdesk advisors understand the issue when a customer calls. This is where the technical training comes in - they'll take part in 'real life' situations and be given 'on the job' tutorials in subjects such as basic plumbing and electrics. They'll be fully prepared for all situations and will know what information they need to ask the customer and what needs to be passed onto our engineers, meaning our engineers can take the right tools and parts with them to the job.

In emergencies, they'll be able to guide customers on how to turn off their water supply, or isolate their electrics, ensuring that the situation is made safe before an engineer arrives.

Will McMaster, Head of Helpdesk Services said "The training package will provide our advisors with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need in order to provide a better service to our customers. If they understand the issue they will be better at communicating more effectively with our engineers, ensuring a quicker and more efficient service".