Operative training

Operative training

New style CarillionAmey operative training kicks off

Aldershot Training

Our operatives, the people who come to your homes to undertake your repairs, are really important. They are on the front line of our service to you, our Armed Forces customers.  They are the people who can turn up late at night to an emergency call out or routinely for any repairs.  They need to understand you and your circumstances, and understand that their ability to do a good job and provide good customer service is really important not only for you but also for our business and its reputation. This week we launched a new training programme for these key people, emphasising the importance of the role they play in your lives. We invited professional actors in for the final training session, as they acted out poor customer service, the operatives advised on the improvements needed. 

Keith Giles, one of our operatives in the South East said:"It was a very informative training session, a really good exercise and once all the suggested improvements have been made I'm certain that our customers will benefit from a better, more customer focused repairs service".

We were delighted to welcome representatives from the Families Federations, as well as our colleagues in the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), to this session, the first of many across the country aimed at equipping our operatives better for the important work they do in your homes.

Jane Williams, Deputy Director, Naval Families Federation (NFF) stated:"It was encouraging to see the level of commitment to Service families from the operatives. Not only was the training targeted accurately but it was really well executed. It was a really welcome opportunity to be able to give everyone an understanding of Navy Service family life".

Stan Brathwaite, Housing Specialist for the RAF Families Federation said:"My personal view is that it is a great concept for enforcing training objectives. Overall I thought that the training was well presented and excellent value. We were delighted to have been invited".