Letting someone else take the strain

Letting someone else take the strain

Letting someone else take the strain

Trying to juggle family life can be difficult, especially if you have work commitments, so it's no wonder that finding the time to attend appointments can sometimes seem impossible.

When you're moving in or out of Service Family Accommodation, it's really important that move in and move out appointments are kept. This ensures that the process is not interrupted and you can quickly move onto the next stage of moving.

However, if you are unable to keep your appointment did you know you can nominate someone else to attend on your behalf? This person is known as a Service proxy and can be your spouse/civil partner or a Service colleague.

Once you have chosen your proxy you will need to complete a Notification of Proxy form available on our website. You, and your proxy, will need to sign the form before handing it to your Accommodation Officer, making it clear that any decisions such as agreeing to the move in standard or any damages that you may be liable for, can be made by your proxy in your absence.

We want to make your move as easy as possible and we are here to support you. You can find out more about the move in and move out process by visiting our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also contact your Accommodation Officer or our occupancy services team if you need advice.

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