Importance of our contractors

Importance of our contractors

Importance of our contractors in delivering a good service to customers

Brian Pritchard and Nicola Hall

Brian pictured with Nicola Hall, who lives in Chester and who works with CarillionAmey as a Local Customer Service Centre Advisor.

Meet Brian. Brian works as a contractor to CarillionAmey with CLC Ltd. and spends his working day attending to repairs in Service Family Accommodation (SFA). He has worked on Defence contracts for 18 years and loves his job."When I visit occupied properties, my motto is to always make sure the customer is happy before I leave. I've done this job for so long, I know exactly what tools I need to take with me - it's all about planning ahead and getting the job done".

Tom Silvey, Operations Director, National Housing Contract, CarillionAmey said: "Good contractors are the lifeblood of our business. We depend on these businesses, often family run with a long history in the local community, to understand how local Service Family Accommodation works. These businesses know people in the community well and are motivated by keeping customers satisfied. CLC Ltd. has consistently delivered an excellent customer service in the north of England through the hard work and diligence of Brian and his colleagues."