Disabled Adaptations - the perfect fit

Disabled Adaptations - the perfect fit

Disabled Adaptations - the perfect fit


Quality of life is key for the disabled, accommodation that meets their needs can make all the difference. This can be difficult for Service families who are disabled and can't choose a property easily.

One such family are the Blakemores from Catterick who have recently benefited from the newly improved additional needs adaptations process. Having six children, four with autism and a fifth with disabilities, the family were struggling to live in their small three bedroomed home and were desperate for more space. They applied for a new home with more space, were successful and with the assistance of John, their Military Housing Liaison Officer, and CarillionAmey, they now have a house that will make life easier for them.

John said "When funding approval is given for additional needs or disabled adapations, it's really important that we get it right for the family concerned. My role is to work closely with the CarillionAmey team and ensure that the families needing help are kept fully informed of developments".

Finding the right solution for the family wasn't easy as their current home was unsuitable for adaptation. CarillionAmey's dedicated occupancy services team understood the requirement and began the search for a suitable home. With input from the family's occupational health therapist, the team sourced a large, ex Officer's property that had everything they needed. The property was roomy, included a wet room and a large garden, perfect for a growing family with 'extra' needs.

Mrs Blakemore commented "We're over the moon with the house, it will make such a difference to our day to day living. It really is the absolute gold plated solution".

John added "I have a great relationship with both CarillionAmey's occupancy team and their local site team. I think it's because we all understand that good communication is fundamental to building trust. I'm confident that the information I relay to my families is correct, enabling families to make better and more informed decisions about their future"

You can read more about the improvements made to the additional needs process on our website here

If you or a member of your family need adaptations made to your current property, or you're about to move into a new property that doesn't suit your needs, you can apply for additional needs adaptations. You can do this by viewing our infographics: Additional Needs Adaptations


Disabled Adaptations