Deliver a better service

Deliver a better service

CarillionAmey improvements aiming to deliver a better service


This past winter, we know that some Service families have experienced problems with our heating service and we want to let you know what we are doing to make it better. Our improvement plan is in its early stages but we are certain that given time to bed in these changes will make a difference. They are:

People: We're bringing in around a 100 new people; more operatives to undertake your repairs; more managers to lead the teams; more Accommodation Officers to help you when you move home; more helpdesk advisors to assist you; and more administrators to assist everyone in the  business.

Training: From here on, all new and existing helpdesk advisors will receive better initial and on-going technical training so that when you make that initial call to the helpdesk, they'll be better equipped to help you.

Scheduling: Our regional gas scheduling teams have been centralised and relocated to our helpdesk and now we, rather than the supply chain, are managing them.  Your heating repairs will now be scheduled more efficiently, meaning you won't have to wait so long for an appointment.  And if the operative identifies that your boiler needs a part or needs replacing the scheduling team, who now have schedulers, parts ordering and suppliers in their midst, can make sure that the right part arrives with you quickly, meaning there's more likelihood of a first time fix.

We want to provide you with an effective service that means you don't have to wait in unnecessarily, you don't have needless repeat visits and from the minute you call our helpdesk to the moment our operative completes your repair that everything works well.