CarillionAmey - helping to tick the right boxes

CarillionAmey - ticking the right boxes

CarillionAmey - helping to tick the right boxes

Moving in or out of Service Family Accommodation can be a stressful and trying time. That's why CarillionAmey has put together comprehensive Move In and Move Out tick-sheets, specifically designed to help your move in/out appointments run smoothly.

Whether you're preparing to move into your next property, or getting ready to move out, make sure you visit our website beforehand and download your tick-sheet.

The tick-sheets are an easy way for you to tick off each feature as you move from room to room in your property. Your Accommodation Officer will be with you to explain in more depth how to check each feature so that you are satisfied that the property meets the required move in/out standard. 

You'll be able to keep a track of what you and your Accommodation Officer have agreed and you'll know exactly what to do if areas need attention before you move.

The tick-sheets form part of an ongoing programme to ensure that all move in and move out appointments are standardised across the UK. No matter where you're living, or moving to, we want the service you receive from our Occupancy Services team, our Accommodation Officers and our suppliers to be consistent and of a high standard.

To find out more about the move in and move out process please visit our website, Facebook and Twitter pages or call our team on 0800 707 6000 Option 3.


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