A word about heating

A word about heating

A word about heating in service family accommodation from someone who's been there!

Most families feel passionately about their homes, Service families perhaps more than most since they can sometimes be the only stable things in their lives. Their husbands, wives or partners might be on Operations overseas, their children sometimes away from home at boarding school but their home is their base, the one concrete thing in an otherwise turbulent existence. I've lived in 17 Service properties and each one has become my family's home for the period of time we have lived in it. Like the majority of Service families, we took pride in it and tried, however hard it was, to make it our home. 

Service families need to know that when they move into a new property, it will be clean and in good working order.  It needs to provide them with not only the basics in terms of heating, light and water but also the reassurance that they can be comfortable in it and when things need fixing, the work happens quickly and efficiently.

CarillionAmey has a really important part to play in making sure that we are delivering this good service, getting it right is key. Over the past couple of winters, some of our heating repairs simply haven't been good enough; boilers have taken too long to fix and we've failed to keep families up to speed on what we've been doing to get things sorted. 

Our improvement plan aims to address this by making sure that from your initial call to the helpdesk to the completion of your repair, we've got our service right. Here's what we're doing:

  • Our ongoing customer care and technical training will make sure that your helpdesk advisor listens to what you need and provides really good, clear and sound advice.
  • We've got more heating engineers joining the business so we can make sure that there are enough of them to meet your needs.
  • Our new drive to get operatives to call customers ahead to confirm appointments will mean that you will know what's happening and when.
  • Our new gas preparation team based scheduling team at the helpdesk will be able to make sure that if a new part is needed, we can get the right parts from the supplier in better timeframes, meaning you won't have to wait a lengthy period for your heating to work.
  • And even with all these improvements, if things don't work, our new customer care team will look after you and your complaint on an individual basis so that you know who is dealing with it and what actions are being taken.

Our people in CarillionAmey want to do a good job. Many of them like myself are from Service families and know exactly what you're going through.  We know there's more to do. I believe the improvements we're making will help us deliver to you the service you deserve.  


Did you know?

Over the past 10 years, 25,000 new boilers have been installed in Service family homes in the UK.

CarillionAmey has installed 3,000 new boilers in the first three months of 2016.