Complaints are down and compliments are up in the South East



Complaints are down and compliments are up in the South East

Within the South East region, there has been a real drive to reduce complaints. We are also delighted to find that we've had a significant rise in compliments.

In January we had a complaint rate of 3.49%. Analysis allowed us to focus on location 'hotspots' and start to track tasks from initial customer call to delivery to identify common failures. Combining live feedback with task tracking we found opportunities to improve specific processes, communication methods, parts supply and engineer behaviours. Making changes in these specific areas has had a big impact, and we finished March with a complaint rate of 1.71%.

We've learned a lot, and our delivery teams are continuing to channel themselves to uphold their customer charter commitments. However, more pleasingly the downturn in complaints has been mirrored with an increase in compliments. We've not been known for receiving too many compliments in the past, but in March the South East team received a total of 16.

Some of our key commitments influencing this change are that we call ahead to let customers know we're on our way; we ensure our vans are stocked with commonly used parts; we aim to deliver a good quality job, and; we work closely with supply chain schedulers to ensure jobs are updated for follow on works and appointments are booked in.

Stuart Jones, Customer Service Director stated: "the South East team have been fantastic in getting to grips with our complaint hotspots and using insight to identify opportunities and improve service delivery. Seeing values such as take ownership, improve and deliver in action is great, seeing the results for our customer experience is even better!"