Customer engagement forum update



Customer engagement forum update

Throughout September and October, CarillionAmey and DIO teamed up to hold a series of customer engagement forums. There, we listened to and engaged with families and welfare organisations, who told us how, based on their experiences, we can tailor our services to better meet Service family needs. Engagement with the families we serve is of great value and importance to us; we have taken all of the feedback we received on board and turned it into measurable outcomes.

What you told us What we did
You want to be contacted before appointments We introduced a text messaging service to confirm and send reminders about upcoming appointments
  • We miss too many appointments.
  • Communication is poor.
  • Engineers are turning up with the wrong parts, or the wrong engineers are turning up to fix the job.
  • Multi-appointments need to stop.
  • The process to condemn things takes too long.
  • We had all of our engineers attend training sessions to devise and sign a customer charter, promising to deliver service excellence and call ahead to our customers when on our way to their property or when circumstances change.
  • We have introduced a new, more effective process for managing our follow-up work: we're scheduling and ordering parts for follow-on works no later than the end of the next day and calling customers to keep them up-to-date on what happens next. We've also created team of three performance managers, to help drive better operational performance across our three main supply chain members (Liberty Gas, Amey and Direct Labour).
  • Our complaints process is broken - it takes too long to get any resolution. There is little confidence in the process. Families feel very angry, upset, let down and under stress. They feel as though they are treated as a number, not a person. 
We created a new customer solutions and insights team, specially designed to manage, review and resolve complaints and provide effective solutions for our customers. The team includes new mobile customer solutions agents, whose role it is to travel around listening to and resolving issues at a local level.
Some of our publications are not always written in plain language or in a way that families understand. In some instances, publications do not cover all of the key items that the family expects to see We're in the process of making changes to our Guide to Service Family Accommodation to make it easier for our customers to get the information they need. We're also in the process of re-writing our website to give our customers clearer, more detailed information about our services.
Regional welfare staff highlighted the need to share the move appointment data to allow them to better support their families as they move in to or away from their units.  The data is now available to Regional welfare staff and Air Command.  Military housing liaison officers are now using the data to support during house moves.


What's next?

We know our service needs to continue to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of both the Ministry of Defence and Service families. That's why we're rolling out a year-long calendar of local customer engagement workshops taking place around the country, with the aim of keeping our ears and eyes open to how we can get better. Look out for the full calendar of events in the new year - we'd love to see you there.