CarillionAmey - Our Key Messages

Our Key Messages

Our key messages fit firmly with our Values:

  1. We care about our people, customers and stakeholders and will keep everyone informed every step of the way.
  2. We will be working hard to ensure that service levels are maintained throughout the mobilisation phase.
  3. Safety and security must not be compromised.
  4. We will work with our stakeholders to provide the best service to our customers; we know we need everyone's input to make this really successful.
  5. We will focus on what matters (operations, people, finance, quality, performance and reputation) and not get distracted.
  6. Our performance will be measured on the basis of fact and evidence and the agreed performance measurements.
  7. Our customers have a responsibility to access and familiarise themselves with the new service, to use it effectively and to make sure they understand what is required of them to ensure its smooth delivery.